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How do we reduce the environmental footprint of our favourite Wampum Conditioning Shampoo?

The best way to calculate the environmental footprint of a shampoo is done with a method called life cycle analysis.  This means we take into account (1) the raw materials, how they are made, are they sustainable or fossil fuel based, (2) how the product is transported to the user and how it is used, and finally, (3) how does it affect the water supply when it is discharged.

At Wampum we therefore have a multi-dimensional approach and we have done this for much longer than everyone else (since 2005).


Wampum shampoos are all concentrates thus (1) reducing the plastic bottles needed to pack it in and (2) reducing transport costs to the user.


Wampum Conditioning Shampoo is made from 100% coconut oil, with no use of fossil fuel derived ingredients.


Wampum Conditioning Shampoo also has no added preservatives because we don’t add water containing microbes.


Lastly, Wampum Conditioning Shampoo is 100% biodegradable and has no added fragrance.  In any case animals hate fragrance as it masks their primary smell organ and can make them nervous.


But, we do not compromise on performance!!!  The shampoo is mild and hypoallergenic, cleans well, leaves the hair soft and conditioned, has the correct pH of 7.5 for most animal skin, contains a powerful skin refatting agent (coconut oil) and works out very affordable because you dilute it at the point of use (500ml makes 2.5 litres of still very concentrated shampoo and you can dilute even more if you want).

Wampum Conditioning Shampoo comes in 4 sizes: 300ml, 500ml, 5 litres and 20 litres.  Give it a try!  Your will not regret it 😊

Share the Animal Love