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Wampum Conditioning Shampoo Concentrate is made from 100% coconut oil and has no added preservatives, no added fragrance or added pigments and dyes.  It is 100% biodegradable.  On top of this, coconut oil in known to be one of the best oils for hair and skin.  The pH of the shampoo is just over 7 which is exactly the pH of dog, cat and horse skin (human skin pH=5.5).

And last but not least, the shampoo is a concentrate that dilutes 1:4 to 1:8 with water meaning you use between 4 and 8 times less plastic when you buy and use our shampoo.  In addition, the bottle, label and top are all made of polyolefins (polyethylene and polypropylene) and can be recycled directly into the recycled polyolefin stream.

Wampum Conditioning Shampoo Concentrate is natural and biodegradable

Dr Heidi Rolfes

Share the Animal Love

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