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The complete tooth cleaning kit – you will never need another dental at the vet!

By Heidi Rolfes (Wampum Grooming Products

Clean teeth are vitally important for longevity and health in all animals (and humans by the way).  But for house animals that sleep on our beds, the mouth is even more important.  Yes you can take your dog or cat to the vet twice a year for a dental with the associated cost and anaesthetic risk, but what if I told you, you could control tooth tartar and gum health yourself, in the safety and comfort of your own home!?

The complete Wampum tooth cleaning kit

The kit

  1. A toothbrush (manual or electric)
  2. Table salt (or dog toothpaste)
  3. Wampum Anti-bacterial Mouth Spray
  4. Wampum Fragaria Vesca 30X (Homeopathic Wild Strawberry)

The daily routine

Morning: (a) Brush the teeth with salt water (~½ teaspoon table salt in a glass of water) and (b) spray the gums with mouth spray by lifting the lips on either side.

Afternoon: Give each dog or cat 20 granules of Fragaria Vesca 30X on the tongue.  Do not touch the homeopathic granules with your fingers, just pour approximately 20 granules into the lid and drop them into the mouth.

The Fragaria will soften the existing tartar to be brushed away and the Mouth Spray will kill the bacteria that cause tartar and bad breath and heal the gums of any gingivitis.  Over a period of 4-6 weeks the teeth will become cleaner and cleaner until all tartar is eventually removed.  You will never look back!

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  1. Hello again I am from Greece I’d like order many products wampum because I know are all just perfect , I don’t want order from close to me countries , I prefer from there , please can you tell me how much will be the cost of shipping? Thank you please answer me as soon as possible thanks

    1. Cathy, HUB Int stocks Wampum but please ask Cathy if she stocks both the Mouth Spray and the Fragaria. Let me know please.

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