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By Heidi Rolfes

I can write a whole book on grooming but I have put together this short guide for people who are starting to use Wampum Products on their dogs.

Long coated dogs should mostly have rather heavy silk coats but often they have finer silk coats and sometimes the coats have some movement in them or are slightly cottony.  As breeders we try to eliminate these faults but as groomers we have to overcome them.  Sometimes the other characteristics of a particular dog means we want to keep this dog in our breeding programme, and we feel it worthy of a champion title.  The last and most important factor is the time that goes into grooming long coated show dogs and how to make our lives easier!

Puppy grooming:

Puppies need a very simple grooming routine of:

Bath them with Wampum Conditioning Shampoo diluted 1 part shampoo to 8 parts warm water.  Make sure you dilute very well so that no concentrated shampoo can get into their eyes.  Make sure you don’t leave the ears wet either.  Then mix about 5m-10ml Wampum Conditioning Rinse into 500ml warm water and rinse through the coat.  Now rinse almost out.  Towel dry and blow dry.

I always apply neat undiluted conditioner to the face furnishings to protect my top knot hair and whiskers.

Adult grooming:

Heavy silk coats require very little products to keep them matt free and stain free

Fine silk coats and modified coats will need extra oils and more frequent baths

The secret to stain prevention is over conditioning – the reasoning being that fully hydrated hair cannot absorb stain as would porous hair (you can also ‘wash’ with conditioner – the cationic surfactant is quite effective)

In-between show grooming

Between shows it is vitally important to fully feed and hydrate your coat.  Just before the show you will bath all this out but the hair will not be dry and static and fly away.

No oil options:

Bath with Wampum Conditioning Shampoo (I dilute 1 part shampoo to 8 parts warm water).  If you have stained feet, then wash those areas first with Wampum Whitening & Brightening Shampoo.  Rinse very well.

Apply Wampum Conditioning Rinse OR Wampum Limited Edition Conditioner neat to the whiskers and top knot and any area that is dry (like the willy hair and the inside of the back legs on males).

The make a rinse for the body: 25ml Wampum Conditioning Rinse in 500ml warm water OR 5ml Wampum Limited Edition Conditioner in 500ml warm water.  Shake well and squirt through the coat.

Now rinse in NOT out.

I now apply some Wampum Leave-in Protein Treatment, about 25ml into 500ml warm water.

Towel dry and blow dry.  I always use two towels.  One to dry and one to wrap the dog in for blow drying.

The first thing you do when you get to the hair dryer is to apply Wampum Fine Boric Acid to the whiskers.  Rub in well.  Now blow dry as normal.  I always do the ears first but it doesn’t really matter.

When the dog is completely dry you can wrap it up.

On non-oiled coats the next important day on the wraps is the very next day.  Take out one by one, brush them through and apply either Wampum Miracle Spray DS or Wampum Finish.  Re-wrap.  Do this every day until the brush sticks in wee or dirt.  Then rebath immediately.  I bath my show dogs every 3 days.  Bathing not only cleans the coat by hydrates the hair too.

I also like alternating my conditioners.

Oiling options:

Oil is a necessary evil!  But on some coats we need it especially during the coat change from about 11 months to 18 months. Always use a conditioner and an oil.

I bath and condition as usual and then I apply oil.

  1. Oil can be 15-50ml Wampum Water-soluble Coat Oil plus 25ml Wampum Leave-in Protein Treatment mixed with 1 litre warm water in a jug, poured through the coat. Towel dried and blow dried.  The leave-in protein will protect the skin and reduce allergic reactions to oil.
  2. Wampum Ultra Light Coat Oil or Wampum Coat Oil #II sprayed into the dry coat and then wrapped.
  3. Coconut oil brushed into the dried coat  with a soft brush from a container kept in the fridge, brushed in in layers and then wrapped.
  4. Wampum Finish sprayed into the coat in layers and then wrapped.

Show grooming

The day before show day (or sometimes the morning before a show) you need to bath out all the product in your coat.

Bath as usual, rinse well.

Then apply less conditioner rinse than between shows and rinse well.  Any of the two conditioners will do depending on your coat and the weather. In very humid weather use Wampum Limited Edition Conditioner and in very dry weather use Wampum Conditioning Rinse Comncentrate.

Now you can apply a little Wampum Show Rinse (to help with ironing) or Wampum Hang Me Down (to help with fly away fine coats or windy days and carpet static indoors) or Wampum Leave-in Protein Treatment (to help with a smooth finish).  Mix about 25ml of the products with 1 litre warm water and rinse through the coat.  Now pour 1 litre clean warm water over the top of the head and topline.  Towel dry and blow dry.

Make sure you have one of the following sprays with you at the show:

Wampum Miracle Spray DS

Wampum Antistatic Spray

Wampum Finish

NEVER use new product on a show day.  Always do a test run before show day.  You need to test the levels of conditioner the coat will accept before it looks oily.

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