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Did you know that more than 50% of all visits to a veterinary surgeon is for skin irritations, scratching, itching and related allergies?  The usual prescription is cortisone (and antibiotics if there is an associated infection).  Anyone who has experienced a dog scratching continuously, will know the skin just feels better while on cortisone and soon after the cortisone is finished, the scratching just starts again.  Poor babies L

Wampum Soothing Skin Spray can completely solve 85% of all skin itching cases and alleviate the balance to a very large extent.  The spray contains 4 skin actives, 2 natural ones and two conventional medicinal ones: comfrey extract, witch hazel extract, salicylic acid and allantoin.  It can be used safely with any other medication.  It is water-based so there is no residual cream base for the dog to keep licking at.

Wampum Soothing Skin Spray

Spray the skin by parting the coat and leave to dry.  Apply as often as necessary but in the beginning when the skin is red, at least three times a day.

For best results, bath the affected dogs with Wampum Conditioning Shampoo Concentrate, leave on for 3 minutes in the bath to re-fat the skin, rinse very well, spray Wampum Soothing Skin Spray on the skin and dry or let dry.  Then re-apply Wampum Soothing Skin Spray once, twice or three times a day until the next bath.

by Dr Heidi Rolfes PrEng PhD

Share the Animal Love

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